These displays were used in old Nokia 5110/3310 cell phones (before the smart-phone fad turned every cell phone into a TV). It’s a 84×48 pixel monochrome LCD display. These displays are small, only about 1.5″ diagonal, but very readable and come with a white backlight. This display is made of 84×48 individual pixels, so you can use it for graphics, text or bitmaps. These displays are inexpensive, easy to use, require only a few digital I/O pins and are fairly low power as well

To drive the display, you will need 3 to 5 digital output pins (depending on whether you want to manually control the chip select and reset lines). Another pin can be used to control (via on/off or PWM) the backlight – the backlight LEDs are wired to a transistor.

The display driver is a PCD8544 chip, and it runs at 3.3V so you’ll need a 3V supply handy (you don’t need that much current though, maybe 10mA tops). Logic levels must be 3V to prevent damage but we include a free level shifter chip so you can easily connect it to 5V logic such as an Arduino.

Specifications of LCD 5110

  • Serial Bus Interface with maximum high speed 4.0 Mbits/S
  • Internal Controller No.PCD8544
  • LED Back-Light Run at Voltage 2.7 -5.0 Volt
  • Low power consumption; it is suitable for battery applications
  • Support Signal CMOS Input


  • Arduino code supported.
  • This is the final module including backboard, but males pins are not yet soldered, just included in package.
  • 84×48 dot matrix LCD display 4 lines of Chinese characters
  • use a serial interface with the host processor communication interface signal lines significantly reduce the number of signal lines, including power and ground, including just eight. Supports a variety of serial communication protocols (such as the AVR MCU SPI MCS51 serial mode 0, etc.), the transfer rate of up to 4Mbps, can be written to the display data at full speed, no waiting time.
  • by conductive glue to connect the module with the printed version, without having to connect the cable with a metal hook on the module to module fixed to the printed circuit board, which makes it very easy to install and replace.
  • LCD controller / driver chip has bound to the LCD chip module is very small.
  • Low voltage power supply, display properly when the operating current of less than 200μA, and has a power-down mode.


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